Tiny Habits To Help Self-Care

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Hello. I’m Isabel from Manchester, mum to two small people, wife of one big person, and a mid-level manager for a medium-sized company. I have two kids, aged 3 and 5, and I work four days a week from home, which is both convenient and chaotic. Today, I want to share the concept of tiny habits to help self-care.

Before COVID changed everything, my job was office-based. While I don’t remember having much free time or being super organised back then. Working from home has definitely blurred everything together in a strange way, so I feel like I’ve got/have neither.  

Kids, video calls, soft play, the park, cleaning, cooking, bath time, more cleaning, more cooking, and copious amounts of TV… it’s all a jelly-like homogenous mass.

One thing that has really changed the way I make time for things and take care of myself is the concept of “Tiny Habits”. An expert in behavioural science, Dr BJ Fogg has written a book about the method and given a TED Talk about it. 

Tiny habits to help self-care is all about starting things at a granular level and achieving things by focusing on one small task at a time. Even better, anchor this on to a habit you already have. Tiny habits are defined as behaviours you do more than once a day, behaviours that take less than 30 seconds and behaviours that require very little effort.

When we try to make big changes quickly, these are likely to fall by the wayside after a short amount of time since making big changes takes a great deal of motivation. I find this a much more realistic concept, because it always involves an every day task/habit. 

Some of my personal examples are below… they might sound tiny, but they’ve helped me massively. Start with thinking about what your end goal is, and work backwards.

I want to… drink more water

I struggled to make time or remember to keep getting up and refilling my glass all day. So, I bought a bright pink 2-litre water bottle that I fill up every night before I go to bed. I put it next to my laptop for the next day, and I drink as much of it as I can while I work. 

I want to… eat more fruit and vegetables

Snacking on fruit or veg is quite tough on my digestion, and I never remember to actually do it anyway. So, I started to add one serving to each meal, even if the dish already included a serving. In my daily porridge, I add a handful of blueberries. In my evening meal, I’ll chuck some frozen peas in (peas go with everything, trust me). It’s all about marginal gains.

I want to… remember to take my vitamins

Having young kids means lots of germs floating about! A multivitamin is the least I can do for my body. Could I remember to take it? Nope. I do, however, have medication that I have to take every day, so I bought one of those daily pill boxes, popped a vitamin in with my medication, and put it beside the sink. So when I brush my teeth in the morning, I neck the tablets at the same time. This way, I don’t forget!

I want to… get my clothes out for the next day

I may only have a few minutes to get ready in the morning because of the morning rush. At the same time, my children pretty much need to be at two different locations. Finding clothes to wear on the school run adds to the lack of time I actually have in the morning. So, after I brush my teeth before bed, I will lay out my clothes for the next day before I go to sleep.

I want to… be ready for the next day’s school run

Once we arrive home from the school run, we can start preparing for school the following day. I hang up my son’s book bag on his peg when he gets home from school, so it’s ready for the morning. You can read more tips on morning routine success with kids, and what that means for the day/night before, here.

I want to… make time to catch up with family

It can be challenging to find the time to check in on loved ones when we’re so busy. On my walk back from the school run, I’ll call my nanna, mum, or sister to say hello before I start work. 

These tiny habits to help self-care are a brilliant way to fit in more things that matter to us into the day without feeling like we are losing more time. I’d love to hear what tiny habits you can incorporate into your daily routine after hearing Izzy’s.

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