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When I think about school and work schedules, chores around the house and life in general, it’s quite common for me to feel as though time is getting away with me. Are you doing what makes you happy often enough? It’s important to think about the things you should make time for and that bring you joy. I definitely give too much attention and mind space to things that, in the grand scheme of things, don’t actually matter. 

Here are a few things that should move higher on your list of priorities in terms of helping to enhance your personal happiness and relationships. 

Take care of yourself

Now is the time to show yourself some love and TLC. If you ignore your own needs and don’t give yourself a dose of self-love, it will negatively affect your well-being. I am personally terrible at this and haven’t had my hair done in a few years for example. I could list a thousand reasons why this is the case. These include the lack of money, not enjoying being in the hot seat, and the lack of time to devote three hours. I know they are all excuses. I’ll say to myself, I’ll do it next month, and I don’t. This week I will book it!

In every day life taking care of yourself can start with the small things, eat that little bit better, go to bed slightly earlier, add an active activity to your day, have a bath, focus on skincare, drink more water and less caffeine. If it’s things that you need to incorporate into your daily life, concentrate on one thing at a time over a couple of weeks and add where you can. You won’t regret it.

Make time for loved ones

Whether it’s friends, family or a partner, make time to connect with those that lift your spirits to be around. It can be hard to get time to socialise with friends but you could call a friend for a catch-up while you’re taking a daily walk and kill two birds. Making those personal connections can really enhance your mood. It’s also OK to say no to things that you don’t fancy in order to prioritise the things you should make time for, so be honest.

Connect with your passions

Identify what you love, maybe you already know, or maybe you’re still trying to figure it out. It is important to make time for an activity or hobby that makes you feel happy. Do more crafting if it relaxes you, or read a good book if it soothes you. Make time to spend outside or grow flowers if you love being in nature. You will benefit from it in so many ways. 

Grit & Glamour Club_Things We Should make Time For

Revisit your wardrobe

In an earlier post I wrote about learning to love your wardrobe, are you happy with yours? If you have old clothes knocking about that don’t make you feel good, then it’s time to declutter the wardrobe and focus on clothes that fit well, complement the shape you are now and give you a boost when wearing them. Elsewhere in the house, if there’s a room that would benefit from a declutter and drawers that need reorganising (I have many), emotionally it will feel good to have a sort out and get organised.

Personal health check

Is it your habit to put off appointments or do you have a tendency to rearrange your schedule constantly? I’m definitely guilty of this, but it’s important to attend these appointments and keep up with health care. If you’ve been delaying a smear test, go, if you’ve avoided a dentist for a while, go, or if you have concerns you keep pushing to the back of your mind, make that doctor’s appointment today.  

A routine

My family is very routine-driven and we do our best work this way. As a person who likes things to be in order, establishing a routine a few months after my boys were born was a priority for me. Back then, I said no to a lot of things that didn’t fit with their sleep or feeding routine. If my routine was upset by the plans I declined with friends. I regret it now in some ways. 

My oldest son, who is 7, is all about his routine, but I see now this can work against him. He has difficulty processing any changes in plans for example, so striking a balance is necessary because plans do change. However, in the early years, I showed him the total opposite. We still have our bedtime routine and meal times, as we all like to know what to expect, but I’m working on him being able to accept change more freely. Having a routine can really help the house in a number of ways, it just doesn’t have to be so rigid.

I know working on these areas in my life does help my overall happiness and self-worth. As always it’s work in progress but I’d love you to give these a go with me.

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