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We naturally strive to take care of our children first, but often in making sure all others’ needs are met, we can neglect and fail to see our own.

If I don’t take a few minutes for myself at least a couple of times during the day, it definitely affects me negatively. With a never-ending chore list, it’s natural to feel unappreciated and exhausted when I don’t. 

Self care means different things to all of us. When we are dealing with chaos, it’s easy to let these small things fall by the wayside. For example, a busy day might call for me to throw my hair up for the school run. I might not brush it, but keep in a scruffy bun that I’ll maintain throughout the day. Since I missed the window when getting ready, and my mind then wanders to other things. Basically, if it’s not done first thing, it will never get done.

I tell myself that it doesn’t matter, the kids are taken care of, and I’ve got to get through a busy day of work and walk the dog. But will this help how I’m feeling? Maybe there’s not too much impact on the odd day but I’ve gone for weeks where this is my style. In less than five minutes, my hair could be done. It’s not much time to find, on a school morning or otherwise.

This post is all about quick ten minute self care ideas. You may not feel like you have ten minutes, but you do. I could spend that time in the evening trying to find something on the telly to watch, or checking emails or scrolling through social media. You do have it and must utilise it for yourself.

Read a little

It can often feel like it’s impossible to find the time to read but you could combine reading with making a brew. It could become one of your tiny habits. Whenever you put the kettle on, read up to ten minutes of your book. Reading is a very calming pastime. It’s a great feeling when you can’t put a book down. You can keep it in the kitchen. If you’re not partial to a hot beverage, allocate a quick chapter read after a meal, or whenever the time suits your routine during the day.

Get outside

Don’t count the school run as it’s during a frantic time that won’t feel like your own, but take a short break to leave the house during the day to step away from your list and get outside. You can do this after lunch by taking a quick stroll while listening to your favourite music with your headphones on to get some fresh air. If you have more time, just keep walking. You won’t regret it. Connecting with nature daily also has great health benefits. If you live near a coffee house, you could treat yourself to a flat white on the way.

Eat a favourite meal

As a parent, I find it very easy to forget to eat well. The mornings are often rushed, then the window is missed, then a biscuit is snatched here and there. Before I know it, it’s dinner time and I’ve not eaten well all day. Next time you do the food shop, take the time to think about foods you’d like to eat, that will feel like a treat and keep you energised. No judgement here on your choices. If it’s going to make you feel good, go for it. 

Claim it first thing

First thing in the morning, steal a ten minute self care ideas slot. Choose to spend it anyway you like, but take these few minutes for yourself at the start of the day. If this means getting up ten minutes earlier, that’s fine. You’ll be in a positive state of mind for being kind to yourself. I use mine generally to put a little make up on, but it’s yours for whatever. Do your hair, take a shower, read, write in your journal, have a morning coffee uninterrupted without screens. Whatever will start the day for you best, you claim it.


I’m a huge fan of writing things down and try to do this as much as possible. But, generally it’s when I’m running around and I think of something I can’t forget, then I’ll scribble on a piece of paper randomly. Allocating time to focus fully and write can work great for the day ahead. It will give you clarity and you’ll be able to work out what you really need to achieve today and what can be moved down. If you keep a journal, use one of your slots to make notes on your thoughts and feelings daily.

Listen to music

Music is a great mood booster. Whether you’re wanting to feel relaxed or motivated, the type of music you play can help with this. Just before I’m about to do the weekly clean, I will put on fast, heavy metal music to get me going and this works great. If I wanted to unwind and destress for ten minutes, this probably wouldn’t work as well, and I’d need to choose something more calming. Whatever your vibe, put the music on loud, sing and even dance for a quick ten minutes.

Meditation and stretching

A full body stretch can do wonders for how you feel, as can some quick meditation. It will keep shift your mind into a more positive place if needed and just resets your energy levels. If you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed, this can really help get you back on even ground.

A meaningless task

Choose something you just want to do that has no consequence at all. It’s not on your list but it is something that will give you joy and make you feel happy. If you like knitting, catching up with celeb gossip, fake tanning, painting your nails, do something you love as one of your ten minute self care ideas, that’s just aimed at making you feel good.

There are probably plenty of useful ways to spend the time that I haven’t considered in my ten minute self care ideas post, so I’d love to hear what you’d plan to do in that time. Every day, schedule at least two ten-minute sessions. Micro slots are a way to remind ourselves that we matter just as much as everyone else and that we should remain at the top of our list too.

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2 thoughts on “Ten Minute Self Care Ideas

  1. I love your suggestions!
    For me my ‘mindless task’ is doodling and colouring in! I’ve got scrapbooks of my colourings (nothing too complex – flowers, patterns, shapes!) and I am able to use these as backdrops for my new post alert pics ☺️.
    Once I’m done I’ll probably use them to make photo albums!

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