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Let us talk self-care for mums (tried and tested). With a busy schedule, work, school bags to pack, meal planning, dog walking, and endless piles of washing to sieve through, self-care can take a backseat.

My wardrobe and general upkeep are among the things I let slip far too often. Before I had my two boys, I took pride in my appearance – my hair was always brushed, my makeup on. I was definitely presentable. After my first child, I used to blame coping with early motherhood for my casual style (old joggers, stained tees). It carried on after my second boy and I blamed having two under two.

Due to the changes I’ve experienced in myself over the past year, I have begun identifying ways to care more and what to be mindful of in my daily routine. This is why I want to share some self-care for mums tips that I have been able to fit into a busy schedule. I believe all are realistic as part of the daily routine and will hopefully grow a feeling of love and importance within yourself.

Promise yourself a treat

Daily self-care for mums can mean different things to us all, but we all deserve a treat. I do this with my close friends every day without fail and it feels good. It’s such a simple thing but all you need to do is decide on one treat that is yours (and only yours) on any given day. It’s something I enjoy asking, it’s also a prompt to claim a short headspace for you. It can literally be anything, a Costa after the school run, a bath with some fancy products, a celebrity magazine or new book with an allocated time slot to read it, a slice of cake, some cold chocolate from the fridge, a catch up with your favourite show, anything!

Steal 10 minutes from the morning routine

I now allocate myself ten minutes from the morning routine to make that little effort for myself. I use my ten minutes to brush my hair and put some makeup on. For me, putting on a little bit of foundation, blusher, mascara, and lipstick makes me feel better, less tired, more energised. If you are constantly reminding yourself how tired you are, it’s a hard feeling to shift. For me personally giving my face that mini lift makes me feel better and can push me out of exhausted mum mode. Whether it be hair, outfit, face, a cup of tea, you claim those ten minutes!

Get some exercise (and yes walking counts)

This one always takes me a bit more work to achieve. Running is my favourite form of exercise, but I have trouble fitting it into my schedule (or at least I go through phases of telling myself this). I do, however, walk every day. My one-year-old terrier, CJ makes this easier. She forces me to get out and walk. I initially viewed this as another chore on my list but now I look forward to it. We go out for an hour exploring nature, and even if I’m not working out in addition, I’m still getting my exercise. Don’t worry about finding an hour, but set aside 20-30 minutes to take a stroll, swim, jog, appreciate nature, get outdoors and move around. You’ll never regret it.

Prioritise Rest

When you work from home, or otherwise, it can be tempting to tell yourself that you’ll do the dishes, the washing, or the food shop after the kids are in bed, but is this realistic? Even though I tell myself what I have to do in the evening, I fail at the first hurdle every time because as soon as it’s quiet, my body naturally wants to down tools. Then I’ll be plagued by internal turmoil, “I’m rubbish, I’ve failed, I’m lazy”. Obviously, none of these things are true, but staying up late is not healthy for anyone. You have a short window to be successful if you stick to the tasks, but sleep should be a priority. If you’re well-rested, you’ll be the best you can be for yourself and your family, so go to bed!

Eat Well

I used to forget to eat and drink properly all day when both boys were at home with me before they started nursery. Instead, I would snack on endless biscuits and drink endless cups of tea. All this did was make me feel worse and zap what little energy I had left. When you are feeling awful because your body lacks nutrients, it can also affect your well-being and attitude towards daily tasks. I try not to skip meals if I can. I try and eat breakfast with the kids, and drink plenty of water (helping my energy levels and skin). You can replace empty carb snacks with healthier options by reducing your intake of the beige foods. A friend once suggested that It is really helpful to make a packed lunch the night before. Then, all you have to do is grab it out of the fridge the next day.

Stay connected with friends

When you’re pressed for time, it’s easy to let this one slide. I often let my messages pile up for days and promise myself I will reply later, only to let days pass without contact. We’ve all been there. Keeping in touch with a few of your closest friends can really benefit your mental health. My friends often leave voice messages, it’s nothing that warrants a reply. Simply, I’m here, let’s stay in touch. At least once every few months, make plans without your children and make sure you stick to them. I always agonise over plans, whether to go or not to go, but once I push through, it’s like exercise, I never regret it. Being open and around those who care about you is important, because you are important.

Let’s face it, allocating any time for ourselves can feel challenging but in being mindful, we can start to fill these micro intervals with these daily tips, because self-care for mums is as important as the natural care we give our children.

How do you use these micro moments for yourself? I’d love to hear!

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