Thirty Self-Care Day Ideas for a Treat Day Off

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Let’s talk self-care day ideas because (and let’s be honest) we all deserve a day off.

Granted, it’s not realistic to attempt to fit this in weekly, but we could accomplish a proper break once every few months. A close friend or relative would be more than happy to takeover, so you can concentrate on your own schedule.

In the midst of completing many tasks for a busy brood throughout the day, it often feels like we are nailing motherhood, but in ignoring our own owns needs or not seeing them as important, we won’t actually be fulfilling ourselves, or our role. 

Although I regularly ignore any signs I need to give myself a little attention, I also know (even if I choose to ignore it) that if I take five minutes for myself that I will feel better. My patience grows, as does my love for the job because I have given myself reassurance in a positive manner. And, so not allowing the negative feelings to fester and grow.

I often daydream about a full day and because I’m all about the little things, here’s my top thirty self-care day ideas, with my personal picks highlighted.

1. Treat yourself to a delicious breakfast – as someone who often skips a meal, cooking or buying my favourite breakfast really lifts my spirits

2. Put on your favourite show – this is something I try and do whenever I can sneak thirty minutes. For me, if I get a spare half-hour then EastEnders goes on!

3. Go for a walk – I love doing this with my dog. Get a coffee too and walk round with no end destination in mind, just do what you feel

4. Arrange to meet a friend for lunch and a hot beverage and put the world to rights

5. Get outside for a run and appreciate nature – I try to do this once a week but spend the entire night before trying to bail, right up until the point I’m actually moving. Just do it, you’ll never regret it

6. Time to carry out some personal maintenance, whether it be shaving your legs, washing your hair, anything that needs care – for me it’s always my hair that needs urgent attention

7. Take a ridiculously long bath – a bath without hysterical toddlers banging on the door for a poo and screaming that they have to tell you something that can only be shared if you let them in

8. Put on a box set and binge for hours – because watching any TV in the day can sometimes feel a bit depressing, close the curtains in your room or lounge, launch for the treats and go for it

9. Self-tan

10. Paint your nails and give yourself a mini manicure or pedicure

11. Get back into bed so you can take a nap without guilt

12. Stay in your best pyjamas all day – or even better, treat yourself before the day to a soft new pair

13. Do a face mask, I love these ones from Garnier

14. Pick up the book you have been meaning to start and read surrounded by complete silence

15. Treat yourself to your favourite magazine and take your time reading it – I always go for Heat magazine for a celebrity fix and don’t hate myself for it

16. Take a trip to the shops and stroll around at your leisure 

17. Call that friend you have been meaning to

18. Organise your wardrobe – a great one if the season is changing or you have old outfits you don’t fit into. Create the wardrobe you only feel good about

19. Go to the cinema and go large on the popcorn and pick a mix

20. Put the music on and sing like you’ve taken centre stage

21. Listen to that recommended podcast you have been meaning to – some fantastic recommendations from Baby Magazine. I’ve just finished the Motherkind podcast.

22. Get your hair done – you could even get the hairdresser to come to you

23. Put your phone down and remain present in the moment

24. Stay off social media for the duration you are alone

25. Order your favourite takeaway without limiting your choices and worrying about calories

26. Go swimming 

27. Book a class at the gym

28. Buy yourself an extra special treat for the day (remember it can be anything)

29. Write your to-do list for that week, in bed if you like

30. Make sure you don’t skip any meal and eat like the queen you are

These are all my favourite self-care day ideas but I’d love to hear what you’d do on your day off from the list – not just in an ideal world either, but in a reality that you will plan for!

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