About Me

Hello, I’m Carol (Linfield to most), creator of the Grit & Glamour Club… welcome! 

Grit & Glamour Club_About me

I live in Kent with my partner and our two beautiful boys (aged 6 and 4). Motherhood for me started later than expected and I gave birth to my first son at 34 and my second at 35. At this point, after many years of working in digital editorial for the music, festival and travel industries, I began to feel the high-pressure environment and long commute no longer had a place for me or my young family. I committed full time to parenting.

Grit & Glamour Club was born out of my perils as a stay-at-home mum and freelance copywriter. Throughout my career (pre-children), I put a lot of effort into my appearance and social calendar. As long as I had my next gig booked in, I was happy. Most recently, I’m the mum who forgets to brush her hair, wears stained t-shirts and old joggers (although I’m never without blusher and lipstick) and ignores her own worth in the family because “there isn’t time!”

This is the place where I will focus on a little TLC and self-care for mums, all while maintaining a strong sense of self-worth and inner confidence when looking out for a busy brood. I’ll investigate how frugal living choices become more important when there’s only one wage coming in and all the parenting tips and lists in-between. Grit & Glamour Club is where I’ll share my stories of such change and make recommendations on how we can navigate through motherhood together and reach the top of the ladder a little bit happier.

Grit & Glamour Club is where you’ll find my latest posts. Think chatting to a good friend and expect to read articles on motherhood, self-care and work-life, home-life balance.

For all enquiries, please contact me via email carol@gritandglamourclub.co.uk; or fill in the form below.